About the Cook

Comfort and pleasure are not only derived from eating food, but from the efforts of preparing it. Creating dishes that relieve more than the need for hunger can satisfy creative and spiritual demands. Cooking is a quiet therapy that can be found in the kitchen.

 I believe in food from the heart. Good food often takes time and tender care, and for those who love to cook, shortcuts don’t often cut it. From scratch food is my passion.

As  an East Texan with a world traveler’s palette, I have developed a passion for hearty, wholesome food.

Originally reigning from Tyler, I now live in Lubbock where I work as a morning television producer. I graduated in Dec. 2011 from Texas Tech with a journalism degree and a job lined up at a local news station.

For three years, I worked from midnight to 9 a.m. producing a three and a half hour morning show. After work, I spent a lot of time at home learning a lot about food. During that time, I also starting doing my own cooking segment on the Good Day Lubbock program on FOX34. You can find those recipes and videos here.

I now work normal “Dolly Parton” hours. I report on a local agriculture program and still do my cooking segment. Though I’m busy most of the day, I still find time to day dream about new recipes, flavor combinations and food preparations. It is a true passion.

My parents love to cook, and family dinners were a staple in my household growing up. As I entered high school, I began helping in the kitchen, often pulling out one of my mom’s old recipe books and mixing up cookies. It was a creative and soothing practice, not a chore as I’d often heard.

My parents have dragged me across the U.S. and Europe, and I am thankful for that. It has opened my eyes to different cultures and people, and food. When I think back to our trips, the meals we ate really stand out: a massive 43 oz. steak in Florence, raw oysters and beignets in New Orleans, steamed duck buns in Seattle, escargot in the heart of Paris, gyros at the foot of the Parthenon, street sandwiches in the Vatican City. New foods open up the imagination; the flavors do not just last for the duration of the meal. You can take those flavors to your own kitchen, and draw inspiration from them.

The kitchen holds a key to creativity and adventure; the cook can just crack open those doors, or let the hinges swing wide. Adding flavors and textures to an established base recipe allows you to add your own flavor preferences. I encourage you to do so if you decide to prepare one of the recipes on this site.

Cook with passion,

Kat, The Wholesome Whisk

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